Apton Plant

We can offer you a large quantity of good and reliable used machines, directly from our stock.

We work the way you want: easy, fast, cheap and trustworhty.
Every item from our stocklist is in good running condition and directly available for shipping. Ask for more infomation about an item, and you will receive all the detailed information in an easy reading e-mail, within 10 minutes. Reply to that e-mail for more pictures or a personal contact by our salesmanager. We will guarentee you a full satisfied deal, without any surprises.

We can offer personal and very competitive service to you on the movement of all your im- and exports in and out of Europe to all destinations in the world due to the fact that we work as less as possible with intermediaries. With a world-wide variety of principals and cargoes we are able to combine both together to fulfil your shipping enquiries with a minimum of delay.
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